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SHAPE America Field Test Training Information Sheet /core/fileparse.php/1459/urlt/SHAPE-Spring-2018-Field-Test-Webinar-Information-Sheet.pdf

To prepare for the Spring 2018 online SHAPE America Health and Physical Education Field Tests, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) will be offering system trainings. This information sheet provides details and registration links.  

Test Administration Quick Guide /core/fileparse.php/1459/urlt/SHAPE_TA_QuickGuide_FINAL.pdf
Updated February 27, 2018
Test Administrator User Manual /core/fileparse.php/1459/urlt/SHAPE_TA_UserGuide_FINAL.pdf
Updated February 27, 2018

The Test Administration quick guide and manual provides an overview of the Test Administrator (TA) Interface for test proctors. After reviewing the quick guide, you should become familiar starting a test session and managing students participation in the the Spring 2018 SHAPE America online field test administration for Health and Physical Education. The TA User Guide provides more detailed information including using the practice test and TA Training Site as well as troubleshooting tips.

Test Administrator (TA) Interface Training Module /core/fileparse.php/1459/urlt/SHAPE_TA-Interface-Module_FINAL.pptx
Updated March 13, 2018
This presentation includes details of the Test Administrator (TA) Interface that you will use to administer online tests. 
Test Administration Checklists /core/fileparse.php/1459/urlt/SHAPE_Online_Test_Administration_Checklists_FINAL.pdf
This document provides a summary of the tasks needed prepare for online testing. The document should be reveived by district/school test coordinators and other test administrators.